Lucie Schmidt

Professor of Economics

On Leave Academic Year 2015-2016

Office: Schapiro Hall Rm. 201
Tel: (413) 597-3143
Fax: (413) 597-4045
Department of Economics
Williams College
24 Hopkins Hall Drive
Williamstown, MA 01267


University of Michigan, Ph.D., Economics, 2003
University of Michigan, M.A., Economics, 1997
Smith College, A.B., Government, 1992
Curriculum Vitae

Fields of Specialization

Economics of the family
Public finance and labor economics
Government transfer programs and the well-being of low-income families
Economics of gender


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Working Papers and Work in Progress

“Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and Infant Outcomes: Evidence from Low Birthweight Babies” (with Melanie Guldi, Amelia Hawkins, and Jeffrey Hemmeter)

“The Comprehensive Wealth of Immigrants and Natives” (with David Love), September, 2015.

“Economic Conditions and SSI Applications” (with Austin Nichols and Purvi Sevak), December 2014.

“The New Safety Net?  Supplemental Security Income After Welfare Reform,” September 2013.

“The Great Recession, Workers with Disabilities and Implications for Retirement Security” (with Purvi Sevak), November 2012.

“Does Marriage Really Matter? Investments in Prenatal Care and Birth Outcomes” (with Alison Jacknowitz), May 2012.

“Marriage Markets and Family Formation: The Role of the Vietnam Draft” (with Marianne Bitler), October 2011.

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