Alumni Profiles

From time to time, we ask Williams College alumni who majored in economics or political economy to tell us about what they’ve been up to recently, and in many cases we ask them to reflect on how their undergraduate experience helped to get them where they are today and to do their jobs better. We’ve assembled these into “alumni profiles,” and provide links to them below. Our hope is that this will help current and prospective students get a better sense for the wide range of things one can go on to do with a major in economics or political economy, and the various ways that these majors, and a liberal arts education more generally, can serve one well in a subsequent career. Many of the alumni below have moved on to new things since these profiles were written, but we think these snapshots from particular times in their lives will still be helpful to students who want to learn more about what one can do with an economics or political economy major.

Alumni Profiles as of 2018-2019

Alumni Profiles as of 2015-2016