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An “Advanced Intermediate” International Macro Textbook

For years, I have been frustrated by the lack of a highbrow intermediate macro textbook.  None of the existing books that I’m aware of use calculus.  Plus, most of them have a closed economy orientation, putting off open economy considerations until the very end.  Well, here is my in-progress attempt to fill that gap (current version: January 30, 2018).  New additions include a section on Krugman’s liquidity trap model (chapter 19) and a monetary fiscal game (chapter 18). Feel free to use the PDF until such time as  I get it published and can charge $200 for it like all the other intermediate macro textbooks.  (Just kidding.)  I would welcome any feedback.

Econometrics Survival Guide

Here are the notes I have used in teaching econometrics at Williams and at the Center for Development Economics.  Intended to be a slightly less formal complement to standard econometrics textbooks, such as Stock & Watson and Wooldridge.  Feel free to download and use.  Minor revisions and corrections as of July 2015.

Introduction to LaTeX

Here is a quick guide to using LaTeX, which I developed for my 2010 winter study class.