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An “Advanced Intermediate” International Macro Textbook

For years, I have been frustrated by the lack of an intermediate macro textbook with a bit more rigor than the standard offerings.  None of the existing books that I’m aware of use calculus.  Plus, most of them have a closed economy orientation, putting off open economy considerations until the very end.  Here is my long-in-progress effort to fill that gap. The current version (January 2023) is a major update from the 2022 edition, and features an all-new chapter on macroeconomics and finance (10) and an overhauled chapter money and monetary policy (11).  Feel free to use the PDF, with attribution. Feedback welcome.

Econometrics Survival Guide

Here are the notes I have used in teaching econometrics at Williams and at the Center for Development Economics.  Intended to be an informal complement to standard econometrics textbooks, such as Stock & Watson and Wooldridge.  The chapter on time series is pretty good, I think; but the material on “experimentalist” methods and limited dependent variable models are pretty weak. Feel free to download and use, with attribution.  The most recent version is from November 2019.

Introduction to LaTeX

Here is a quick guide to using LaTeX, which I developed for a winter study class.