Ashok Rai

Associate Professor of Economics
Schapiro Hall Rm 318


B.A. Stanford University (1992)
Ph.D. University of Chicago, Economics (1997)


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

ECON 251(F)

Price and Allocation Theory

ECON 372(S)

Incentives and Development Policy

ECON 385(S)

Games and Information

ECON 473


Fields of Specialization

Public Economics
Contract Theory


Do Spouses Make Claims?  Health-seeking and Microfinance in South India (with S. Ravi), forthcoming, World Development

Borrower Runs (with P. Bond), Journal of Development Economics 88: 185-191 March 2009.

Cosigned or Group Loans (with P. Bond), Journal of Development  Economics, 85: 58-80. February 2008.

Is Grameen Lending Efficient? Repayment Incentives and Insurance in Village Economies (with T. Sjöström), Review of Economic Studies, 71: 217-234, January 2004

Does Microcredit Reach the Poor and Vulnerable? Evidence from Northern Bangladesh. (with S. Amin and G. Topa),Journal of Development Economics, 70:59-82, February 2003

Targeting the Poor Using Community Information, Journal of Development Economics, 69: 71-84, October 2002

Working Papers

Adverse Selection in Credit Markets: Evidence from a Policy Experiment. (with  S. Klonner), under review.

Cosigners as Collateral (with  S. Klonner), revise and resubmit, Journal of Development Economics.

“Microcredit and Market Design” (with T. Sjöström), invited chapter for Z. Neeman, M. Niederle, and N. Vulkan eds.Oxford Handbook of Market Design, Oxford University Press.

Financial Fragmentation in South India (with S. Klonner)

Selected Work Experience

Visiting Scholar, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, 2006-07
Research Fellow, Center for International Development at Harvard, 1999-2002

Institute Associate, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1997-1999

Visiting Lecturer/Research Scholar, Yale University, 2002-03

Short term consultant for USAID and Asian Development Bank

Current Committees

  • Lecture Committee