Matthew Chao

Assistant Professor of Economics
Schapiro Hall Rm 306
At Williams since 2015


B.A. Dartmouth College (2006)
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, Economics (2015)


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

ECON 110(F)

Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 233(S)

Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

ECON 476(S)

Behavioral Economic Theory and Methods

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Research and Teaching Fields

Behavioral Economics, Judgment and Decision-Making, Applied Microeconomics
Experimental Economics, Consumer Behavior

Publications / Forthcoming Publications

1. Demotivating incentives and motivation crowding out in charitable giving.
Forthcoming, PNAS.

2. Association between academic medical center pharmaceutical detailing policies and physician prescribing.
JAMA (May 2017).
Joint with Ian Larkin, Desmond Ang, Jonathan Steinhart, Mark Patterson, Sunita Sah, Tina Wu, Michael Schoenbaum, David Hutchins, Troyen Brennan, and George Loewenstein.

Working Papers / Manuscripts

1. Regulating conflicts of interest through public disclosure: Evidence from a physician payments sunshine law.
Joint with Ian Larkin

2. Beware of those bearing gifts: Reciprocity to gifts with ulterior motives.
Funded by a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation

3. Why do goal-based incentives cause cheating? Unpacking the confounding effects of goals, social comparisons, and pay.
Joint with Ian Larkin

4. Do small gifts from pharmaceutical salespeople influence physician prescribing? Evidence from a large-sample quasi-experiment.
Joint with Ian Larkin and Desmond Ang