Roger E. Bolton

Photo of Roger E. Bolton

William Brough Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Areas of Expertise

  • Regional and urban economics
  • Geography
  • History of economic thought
  • Social Capital in Regional Economics

Fields of Specialization

Regional and Urban Economics
History of Economic Thought


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Selected Work Experience

At Williams since 1966

Book Review Editor, Journal of Regional Science, 1987-2012 (in this 25-year period I arranged and edited more than 1,200 book reviews and wrote 36 reviews myself for the journal)

Various citizen planning positions in local and regional governments

Visiting Professor:
Clark University (Geography) Fall 1993
University of Wisconsin at Madison, Fall 1989 (Distinguished Visiting Professor, La Follette Institute of Public Affairs; also taught in Department of Urban and Regional Planning)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fall 1988 (George A. Miller Visiting Professor of Geo graphy and Urban Planning)
University of Pennsylvania, 1981-82 (City and Regional Planning)
Wellesley College, Fall 1977 (Economics)

Research Associate, MIT-Harvard Joint Center for Urban Studies, 1978-81

Lecturer in residence, Foreign Service Institute, 1968, 1969

Associated Staff Member, Brookings Institution, 1965-68