Ralph M. Bradburd

Photo of Ralph M. Bradburd

David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus


Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial organization
  • Applied microeconomics
  • Economic development

Fields of Specialization

Industrial Organization
Applied Microeconomics
Economic Development


“The Impact of Rent Controls in Non-Walrasian Markets: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach,” with Stephen C. Sheppard et al., Journal of Regional Science, August 2006, 455-492.

“The Distributional Impact of Housing Discrimination in a non-Walrasian Setting,” with Stephen C. Sheppard et al., Journal of Housing Economics, July 2005.

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Working Papers

“The Impact of Federal Section 8 Rental Housing Assistance: A non-Walrasian Simulation Analysis, with Stephen C. Sheppard et al.

Selected Work Experience

Consultant, The Robin Hood Foundation, 2008-10

Member, Governor’s Economic Development Council, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2000-2001

Board of Advisors, BCI II Venture Capital Fund, 1999-2003

Senior Economic Policy Advisor–New Zealand Dairy Group, 1995-1999

Consultant– World Bank, various occasions, 1990-1995

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Line of Business Program, 1984-1992

Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Harvard University, 1983-84

Consultant– U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Health Program, 1983