Sara LaLumia

Sara LaLumia

David A. Wells Professor of Economics

Schapiro Hall Rm 206


B.A. Youngstown State University (2000)
Ph.D. University of Michigan, Economics (2006)

Areas of Expertise

  • Public economics
  • Labor economics



Tax Policy (not offered 2024/25)


Income Distribution
(not offered 2024/25)

Current Committees

  • Claiming Williams Steering Committee, Co-Chair
  • Standing Grievance Panel



“Intergenerational Effects of the EITC: The Case of Grandparents.” National Tax Journal. Forthcoming.

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“The Effects of Joint Taxation of Married Couples on Labor Supply and Non-wage Income.” Journal of Public Economics. July 2008. 92(7): 1698-1719.

* denotes Williams College student co-author