Steven Nafziger

Steven Nafziger

Professor of Economics

Schapiro Hall Rm 335
At Williams since 2006


B.A. Northwestern University (2000)
M.A. Yale University, Economics (2002)
M.Phil. Yale University, Economics (2003)
Ph.D. Yale University, Economics (2006)

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic history
  • Development economics
  • Applied microeconomics


ECON 219 T

Global Economic History (not offered 2020/20)

ECON 220

American Economic History (not offered 2020/20)

ECON 394

European Economic History
(not offered 2020/20)

Select Recent Publications

“The Slow Road from Serfdom: Labor Coercion and Long-Run Development in the Former Russian Empire” (with Johannes Buggle), The Review of Economics and Statistics forthcoming

“Democratization as a Continuous Choice: A Comment on Acemoglu and Robinson’s Correction to `Why Did the West Extend the Franchise?’” (with Paul Dower, Evgeny Finkel and Scott Gehlbach) The Journal of Politics forthcoming

“Capital Structure and Corporate Performance in Late Imperial Russia” (with Amanda Gregg) European Review of Economic History 23.4 (2019): 446-481.

“Collective Action and Representation in Autocracies: Evidence from Russia’s Great Reforms” (with Paul Dower, Evgeny Finkel and Scott Gelbach), American Political Science Review 112.1 (2018): 125-147.

“Quantitative Evidence in Russian Economic History,” Slavic Review 76.1 (2017): 30-36

Select Working and Submitted Papers

“Financing Nascent Industry: Leverage, Politics, and Performance in Imperial Russia” (with Amanda Gregg), Working paper, 2020

“The Births, Lives, and Deaths of Corporations in Late Imperial Russia” (with Amanda Gregg), Working paper, 2020

“The Economics of Serf Manumission in Imperial Russia, 1800-1860,” Working paper, 2019.

Select Research in Progress

The Black Repartition: Serfdom, Emancipation, and the Political Economy of Development in Late-Imperial Russia (tentative title; book project)