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Winter and Spring 2021

Thursday, January 14, 12:00pm.  Esra Kose, Bucknell University, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “The Intergenerational Effects of Head Start on Infant Health.”

Tuesday, January 19, 12:00pm.  Diego Ramos-Toro, Dartmouth, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “Self-Emancipation and Progressive Politics: The Legacy of Civil War Refugee Camps.”

Thursday, January 21, 12:00pm.  Desmond Ang, Harvard Kennedy School, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “The Birth of a Nation: Media and Racial Hate.”

Tuesday, January 26, 12:00pm.  Emily Conover, Hamilton, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “To Catch a Policeman: Eliciting Effort in Response to Monitoring by Cameras.”

Thursday, January 28, 12:00pm.  Shikha Singh, Williams College, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “The Mechanism Design Approach to Interactive Proofs.”

Monday, February 1, 12:00pm.  Amalia Miller, University of Virginia, Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Webinar, “Elite Schools and Opting In: Effects of College Selectivity on Family and Career Outcomes.”

Thursday, February 4, 12:00pm.  Alum Ivan Badinski, Yale, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “Geographic Variation in Healthcare Utilization: The Role of Physicians.”

Wednesday, February 24, 4:40pm.  Samuel Bazzi, UCSD, Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Webinar, Islam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling.

Tuesday, March 16, 9:00am.  Owen Ozier, Williams College, CDE Policy Webinar, “Improving Learning Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Tuesday, March 30, 9:00am.  Lorenzo Casaburi, University of Zurich, CDE Policy Webinar, “The efficiency and distributional effects of land markets.”

Thursday, April 1, 4:40pm.  Sandy Black, Columbia, Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Webinar, Where Does Wealth Come From?

Monday, April 12, 7:00pm.  Bob Lipp ’60, Stone Point Capital, and Hans Morris, Nyca Partners, Joint Economics Department and Leadership Studies Program Seminar, “Strategic Management: JPMorgan’s Outperformance of Citigroup, 2005-2020.”

Tuesday, April 13, 9:00am.  Priya Mukherjee, University of Wisconsin, CDE Policy Webinar, “Political Punishment and Financial Safety Nets: Evidence from India’s Demonetization.”

Tuesday, April 13, 4:40pm.  Damon Jones, University of Chicago Harris School, Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Webinar, How Do Distributions from Retirement Accounts Respond to Early Withdrawal Penalties? Evidence from Administrative Tax Returns (with Gopi Shah Goda and Shanthi Ramnath).

Tuesday, April 27, 9:00am.  Shan Aman-Rana, University of Virginia, CDE Policy Webinar, “Gender, Information Exchange and Choice over Co-workers.”

Tuesday, May 4, 9:00am.  Manoj Mohanan, Duke University, CDE Policy Webinar, “Government Accountability and Child Health: Evidence from a Randomized Trial.”

Fall 2020

Tuesday, September 15, 8:00am.  Thorsten Beck, City University Business School, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “COVID-crisis in emerging markets: firm and financial sector reactions.”

Thursday, September 24, 4:40pm-5:45pm.  Belinda Archibong, Barnard, Economics Department Webinar, Prison Labor: The Price of Prisons and the Lasting Effects of Incarceration.

Tuesday, September 29, 9:00am.  Benno N’Dulu, Oxford, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “Macroeconomic policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Thursday, October 8,  4:40pm-5:45pm.  Claudia Olivetti, Dartmouth, Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Webinar, Why Firms Offer Paid Parental Leave: An Exploratory Study.

Tuesday, October 13, 9:00am.  Andy Powell, InterAmerican Development Bank, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “Macrofinancial responses to Covid in Latin America.”

Tuesday, October 20, 9:00am.  Patrick Honohan, Trinity College, Dublin, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “How to resolve a banking crisis: contrasting cases from Iceland to Lebanon.”

Wednesday, October 28, 9:00am.  Eeshani Kandpal, World Bank, CDE Policy Webinar, “Expected and Unexpected Consequences of Conditional Cash Transfers.”

Wednesday, November 11, 9:00am.  Abhijeet Singh, Stockholm School of Economics, CDE Policy Webinar, “Responding to the Learning Crisis: Education reforms for system-level change.”

Wednesday, November 18, 9:00am.  Mauricio Romero, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), CDE Policy Webinar, “Beyond Short-Term Learning Gains: The Impact of Outsourcing Schools in Liberia after Three Years.”

Wednesday, November 18, 4:00pm-5:15 pm.  Matthew Gibson, Williams College, Economics Department Webinar, Forecasts: Consumption, Production, and Behavioral Responses.

Wednesday, December 2, 9:00am.  David Evans, Center for Global Development, CDE Policy Webinar, “What Health Workers Know: Implications for Health in Africa.”

Wednesday, December 9, 9:00am.  Jessica Goldberg, University of Maryland, CDE Policy Webinar, “Leveraging social networks to fight communicable disease:  the case of TB in India.”

Prior year seminars