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Winter and Spring 2021

Thursday, January 14, 12:00pm.  Esra Kose, Bucknell University, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “The Intergenerational Effects of Head Start on Infant Health.”

Tuesday, January 19, 12:00pm.  Diego Ramos-Toro, Dartmouth, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “Self-Emancipation and Progressive Politics: The Legacy of Civil War Refugee Camps.”

Thursday, January 21, 12:00pm.  Desmond Ang, Harvard Kennedy School, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “The Birth of a Nation: Media and Racial Hate.”

Tuesday, January 26, 12:00pm.  Emily Conover, Hamilton, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “To Catch a Policeman: Eliciting Effort in Response to Monitoring by Cameras.”

Thursday, January 28, 12:00pm.  Shikha Singh, Williams College, Economics Winter Brown Bag Webinar, “The Mechanism Design Approach to Interactive Proofs.”

Fall 2020

Tuesday, September 15, 8:00am.  Thorsten Beck, City University Business School, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “COVID-crisis in emerging markets: firm and financial sector reactions.”

Thursday, September 24, 4:40pm-5:45pm.  Belinda Archibong, Barnard, Economics Department Webinar, Prison Labor: The Price of Prisons and the Lasting Effects of Incarceration.

Tuesday, September 29, 9:00am.  Benno N’Dulu, Oxford, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “Macroeconomic policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Thursday, October 8,  4:40pm-5:45pm.  Claudia Olivetti, Dartmouth, Economics Class of 1960 Scholars Webinar, Why Firms Offer Paid Parental Leave: An Exploratory Study.

Tuesday, October 13, 9:00am.  Andy Powell, InterAmerican Development Bank, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “Macrofinancial responses to Covid in Latin America.”

Tuesday, October 20, 9:00am.  Patrick Honohan, Trinity College, Dublin, CDE/Finance in a Time of Covid Webinar, “How to resolve a banking crisis: contrasting cases from Iceland to Lebanon.”

Wednesday, October 28, 9:00am.  Eeshani Kandpal, World Bank, CDE Policy Webinar, “Expected and Unexpected Consequences of Conditional Cash Transfers.”

Wednesday, November 11, 9:00am.  Abhijeet Singh, Stockholm School of Economics, CDE Policy Webinar, “Responding to the Learning Crisis: Education reforms for system-level change.”

Wednesday, November 18, 9:00am.  Mauricio Romero, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), CDE Policy Webinar, “Beyond Short-Term Learning Gains: The Impact of Outsourcing Schools in Liberia after Three Years.”

Wednesday, November 18, 4:00pm-5:15 pm.  Matthew Gibson, Williams College, Economics Department Webinar, Forecasts: Consumption, Production, and Behavioral Responses.

Wednesday, December 2, 9:00am.  David Evans, Center for Global Development, CDE Policy Webinar, “What Health Workers Know: Implications for Health in Africa.”

Wednesday, December 9, 9:00am.  Jessica Goldberg, University of Maryland, CDE Policy Webinar, “Leveraging social networks to fight communicable disease:  the case of TB in India.”

Prior year seminars