Summer Research Assistant Jobs at Williams

Each summer, many Williams College economics faculty members hire student research assistants (RAs), often through the College’s Class of 1957 Summer Research Program. Please apply for a position if you are interested! The program is open to current students who are not graduating in June 2024.

What type of work would you do as a summer RA for an economics faculty member? It varies! You might search for, gather, and prepare data; read and summarize journal articles; work with a theoretical model; carry out econometric analysis; or write computer code. Qualifications that are most in demand are econometrics and programming skills, so having taken those courses can make you a stronger candidate, but students with all skill sets are encouraged to apply. You’ll likely do some more routine work, as well (photocopying, proofreading, entering data into spreadsheets, etc.). Professors typically try to make sure their RA’s mix of tasks balances more mundane work with work that is more intrinsically engaging. When discussing a potential summer RA position with you, a professor will explain more precisely what you will be expected to do if you work with them.

Click here for the latest announcement and request for applications for summer research assistant positions, and here to submit your application.

It’s also a good idea to talk directly to professors whose work particularly interests you in addition to filling out this form, but you must still apply through the form linked above. Interested faculty contact students to set up interviews and discuss positions. Hiring decisions are typically made between late February and mid March.

In January or early February, we send the latest version of the memo linked to above to all economics and political economy majors as well as sophomores who have taken any core economics courses, requesting applications for research assistant positions.

If you have any questions about summer research assistant opportunities in economics, contact the Economics Department’s Director of Research. For academic year 2023-2024, that is Prof. Steven Nafziger.