Honors 2011


Friday, May 13, Schapiro 129

11:00 — Marissa Kimsey, Gender in the South African Economy:  A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Wage Subsidies and the Child Support Grant

2:00 — Evan Skorpen, Deregulation, Profit, and Market Structure: An Empirical Investigation of U.S. Banks.

3:00 — Gea Hyun Shin, Nonparametric Rank Tests for Panels using Block Bootstrap


Monday, May 16, Griffin 6

9:00 — Zhaoning (Nancy) Wang,  Coexistence or Conflict: Formal and Informal Financial Institutions in India

10:00 — Alexa Lutchen, The Impact of Abortion Legalization on the Adult Mortality in the Next Generation

11:00 —  Leland Brewster, The Effects of For-Profit Hospitals on the Quantity and Quality of Care Provided

2:00 — Daniel Costanza, Burnin’ Down the House:  Information Pricing and Arbitrage Opportunities in Baseball Betting Markets

3:00 — Jeffrey Putnam, Institutional Spillovers and Economic Growth

4:00 — Ellen Stuart, Vengeful Slowdown: An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Punishment on Worker Effort

Tuesday, May 17 Griffin 6

9:00 — Daniel Marcet, Three Strikes and You’re Out: A Triple Differences Approach to Estimating the Deterrent Effect of California’s Three Strikes Law

10:00 — Wentao Xiong, The Behavioral Response to Male Circumcision: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

11:00 — Dean Weesner, Value Fractionalization: A New Measure of Diversity

2:00 — Daniel Kenefick, A Social Umbrella: PROGRESA & Precipitation – Can a Cash Transfer Program Perform the Same Functions as Insurance for the Rural Poor?

3:00 — T. Sam Jensen, From Education to Democracy: Does Educational Dispersion Matter?