Honors 2013


Monday, May 13

10:00am — Wei Sun, “No News is Good News

11:00am — Samuel Brinkley, “Emotions and Behavior: The Effects of Emotions on Honesty and Pro-Social Behavior

3:00pm — Peter Watson, “The Benefit of New York City’s Second Avenue Subway Line as Measured through Housing Prices

4:00pm — Tara Deonauth, “A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Affordable Housing in South Africa

Tuesday, May 14

10:00am — Stephanie Browne, “The Effects of Contraception on Female Poverty

11:00am — Robert Ainsworth, “Supplementary Local Funding for California Public Schools: Growth, and Resource and Achievement Consequences

3:00pm — Tarun Narasimhan, “Investigating the Effect of Tax Structure on Long Run Growth

4:00pm — Tejesh Pradhan, “Long Term Consequences of Birth-Year Rainfall: Evidence from Rural Nepal