Honors 2016


All presentations are in Griffin 6


Monday, May 16

9:00am      Paul Friedrich:  “A Survey of Entrepreneurial Learning By Doing”

10:00am   John Damstra:  “Malthus and Boserup in England: A Time Series Approach”

11:00am    Mary Gong:  “Essays on Collateral Innovation, Credit Markets, and Financial Stability”

1:00pm     Alice Rossignol:  “The Impact of Telecommunications Infrastructure on FDI in India”

2:00pm     Jeffrey Wang:  “Competition, Innovation, and Growth”

3:00pm     Lucy Page:  “Ambient Temperature and Occupational Accidents”

4:00pm     Julia Diaz:  “Where Do Women Rise to the Top? An analysis of gender earnings equality within industries”


Tuesday, May 17  

9:00am      Paige Wilkinson:  “The Impact of Exhibitions on the Auction Price of Work for Living Artists”

10:00am    Andrew Udell:  “Estimating the Impact of Airbnb Activity on Housing Prices in New York City”

11:00am    Matt Tarduno:  “Consumer Responses to British Columbia’s Carbon Tax”

1:00pm      Mona Sami:  “The Dynamic Responses of Oil Exporters to Price Shocks: A Panel SVAR Approach”

2:00pm      Jillian Stallman:  “Economics, Culture, and Gender Bias in Provincial China”

3:00pm      Michael Navarrete:  “Do H-1B Visas Affect Natives’ Wages?”

4:00pm      Rebecca Lewis:  “More than Just Broken Windows? Evaluating the Effects of New York City Policing Reforms”