Honors 2018


All presentations are in Griffin 6.


Monday, May 14

9:00am     Amelia Dana:  “Minerals, External Rebel Sponsorship, and Conflict in Sub‐Saharan Africa”

9:45am      Morris Reeves:  “The Economics of Adult Adoption in Japan”

10:45am    Ziqi Lu:  “A Dynamic Formalization of the Modernization Hypothesis and Critical Junctures”

11:30am    Richard Jin:  “How do taxes affect labor supply?”

1:30pm     Margo Beck:  “Baseball in America”

2:15pm     Gregory Mora:  “Inequality in CA Colleges”

3:15pm     Kathy Bi:  “Migration Responses to Hurricane Katrina”

4:00pm    Sichao Liu:  “Sanctuary Cities:  How Sanctuary Policies Impact Immigrant Decision-Making”


Tuesday, May 15

9:00am     Helene Hall:  “Exchange Rate Risk On Global Bank Lending, Credit Spreads, and Deviations from Covered Interest Parity”

9:45am      Abigail Matthew:  “Poverty and Pot”

10:45am    Naomi Medina-Jaudes:  “Empowering Young Ugandans”

1:00pm     Louisa Abel:  “The Safety Net and Time Use”

1:45pm     Peter Lugthart:  “Effect of temperature on environmentally‐friendly information seeking and green spending/donation”

2:45pm     Yinga Xia:  “Informational Cascades and Trendsetting”

3:30pm     Yu Bai:  “Suppressing the Illicit Antiquities Trade”