Honors 2019


All presentations will be in Griffin 6.

Monday, May 13

9:00am     Marianna Rodriguez:  “Are Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Catching Up? Education Inequality in India”

9:45am      Roxanne Corbeil:  “Politics or Humanitarianism? Determinants of Aid Localization”

10:30am    Robbie Dulin:  “The Subnational Effect of Aid on Civil Conflict”

11:15am     Nausherwan Abbasi:  “Convergence in death rates? Evidence of the impact of railroads in spreading disease in colonial India”

1:00pm     William Chen:  “Asset Price Spillovers and Financial Stability in Small Open Economies”

1:45pm     Panchanok Jumrustanasan:  “The Effectiveness of Sterilized Foreign Exchange Intervention: Evidence for the Portfolio Balance Channel”

2:30pm     Giulia Filocca:  “The Impact of Capital Requirements on Italian Bank Lending”

3:15pm     Jeremy Smith:  “Globalization and Interprovincial Inequality in China”

4:00pm     Alex Wartels:  “Burned Bacon: The Effect of Auction Buy-ins on the Subsequent Sales Prices of an Artist’s Work”

4:45pm     Henry Lee:  “Financial Transactions Taxes and Market Volatility – The Case of Italy”


Tuesday, May 14

 9:00am     Josie Maynard:  “Putting a Label on it: The Effects of Information and Political Identity on Energy Efficient Purchasing Decisions”

9:45am     Arkey Barnett:  “Race, Place, and the Private Economic Returns to Education in 1940 United States”

10:30am     Adam Zoen:  “More Pot, More Pills? The Effects of Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries on Opioid Overdose Mortality”

11:15am     Coly Elhai:  “Evaluating the Impacts of New Jersey’s Bail Reform”

1:00pm     Betty Chen:  “Gentrification and Social Frictions in New York City”

1:45am     Rocky Douglas:  “Reimagine: The Effect of the 2015 Houston METRO Network Reform on Access to Public Transit”

2:30pm     Anand Butler:  “Transportation Networks and Urbanization: Examining how the Presence of Major Transportation Shapes Urban Sprawl”

3:15pm     Amy Qiu:  “The Persistence of Institutions in the Long-Run Formation of Social Trust in Africa”

4:00pm     Jad Hamdan:  “When Rankings Matter: Using Ordinal Signals of Quality to Overcome Information Constraint in Student-College Match”