Honors 2020


All presentations will be via Zoom.

2020 Thesis Research Virtual Posters

Monday, May 18

9:00am      Clayton Morikawa:  “The Role of Grade Sensitivity in Explaining STEM Major Persistence Between High and Low SES Students”

10:00am    Keileh Atulomah:  “The Role of Charitable Giving in Reducing the Poverty Rate in the United States from 2000 to 2015”

1:00pm      Brenda Xu:  “The Effects of the Abbott Pre-K Program on District Outcomes and Demographics”

2:00pm     Jacob Shuman:  “Storms, Public Opinion, and the Partisan Divide on Environmental Legislation”

3:00pm     Natalie Newton:  “Did the Flood Wash Away the White Picket Fence? The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Dynamic Processes of Gentrification in New Orleans, LA”

4:00pm     Spencer Allyn:  “The Market Value for Art: As Seen with Computer Vision”


Tuesday, May 19

9:00am       Summiya Najam:  “Impact of Legal Interventions Against Child Labor: Empirical Evidence from Punjab’s Employment of Children Act of 2016”

10:00am     Ahna Pearson:  “Does Raising Grandchildren Shift the Timing of Old-Age Social Security Claims Among Grandparent Caregivers? Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study”

11:00am     Divya Wodon:  “Regulating the Middlemen: An Analysis of Political Contributions, State Pharmacy Benefit Manager Legislation, and Prescription Drug Expenditures”

1:00pm      Haoyu Sheng:  “The Certification Game”

2:00pm     Vijay Kadiyala:  “Asset-Backed Security Design with Quality Signaling and Heterogeneous Investors”

3:00pm     Hunter Wieman:  “Minsky Revisited: A Rational Expectations Explanation of Endogenous Boom-Bust Cycles”