Honors 2022


All presentations will be in Griffin 6.

Monday, May 16

10:00am     Andrew Royek:  “Exporting Corruption? Examining the Impact of Trade with China and Russia on Institutional Change in Developing Countries”

11:00am     Aidan Lloyd-Tucker:  “The Persistence of Paper Leviathans: The Social Contract, State Capacity, and Intergroup Political Economy”

1:00pm     Danny Levine:  “The Impacts of Wildfires on Educational Attainment”

2:00pm     Vanessa Oeien:  “The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Labor Supply of Young Adults; A Post-COVID Perspective”

3:00pm     Cecilia Junze Xia:  “Scope invariance in impact investing”

4:00pm     Dalton Yu:  “The Impact of Human Capital Investment on the Economic Development of South Korea”


Tuesday, May 17

9:00am     Preetul Sen:  “The Role of Social Capital on Rule Abidance during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

10:00am     Sam Thorpe:  “Worker Power and Wage Determination in Imperfect Labor Markets”

11:00am     Deven Desai:  “The Long Run Effects of Colonization: The Role of Borders”

1:00pm     Mina Burns:  “Self-Employment, Networks, and Immigration Enforcement”

2:00pm     Emma London:  “Sustainability and Financial Markets: The Impact of Corporate Net-Zero Commitments on Financial Performance”

3:00pm     Ethan Kendall:  “Monetary policy, bank lending and wholesale funding”

4:00pm     Avivah Malin:  “Public Benefits and Recidivism”