Honors 2023


All presentations will be in Griffin 6.

Monday, May 15

9:00am — Lilly Wells,  “The Impact of Act 10 on the Public Sector in Wisconsin”

9:45am — Oliver Hall,  “An Opportunity to Succeed: Evaluating English Learner Reclassification Criteria in California”

10:30am — Lily Levin,  “Evaluating the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Socioeconomic-based Educational Inequality in the United States”

11:15am — Nikhil Ostrander,  “Farming in Fergana Valley: A Quasi-Natural Experiment of Economic Development in Post-Soviet Central Asia”

1:00pm — Jonah Tobin,  “Does CJT Have The Right Ingredients?: Measuring the Impact of D.C. Central Kitchen’s Culinary Job Training Program on Employment and Earnings”

1:45pm — Bashudha Dhamala,  “The impact of remittances on the education outcomes of school-age children in Nepal”

2:30pm — Nico Cavalluzzi,  “The Effect of Tax Policies on Household Wealth Accumulation”

3:15pm — Saul Richardson,  “Labor Market Fluctuations”

4:00pm — Omar Ahmad,  “The 2021 Child Tax Credit Expansion and Impacts on Rental Stability”

5:00pm — Zaria Roller,  “From ABCs to GDP: Exploring the Impact of Universal Pre-K on the Maternal Labor Supply”

Tuesday, May 16

9:00am — Graeme Thomas,  “Stop, Drop, and Pray: Measuring the Effects on Life Satisfaction of Religious Trauma Responses to Earthquake Risk ”

10:00am — Jennifer Hernández,  “The Effects of Expanding SNAP Eligibility Criteria for Immigrant Parents on their Children’s Birth Weights and Other Health Outcomes”

12:00pm — Ken Morotomi,  “The Relationship between Export Specialization and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Asian Economies”

1:00pm — Sameer Khan,  “An Investigation of Relationship-Specific Trade and Military Conflict”

1:45pm — Sarah Shi,  “Is Growth Good for the Poor? Studying the Effects of Economic Growth on Relative Welfare”

2:30pm — Avery Mohan,  “Calling into Question the Tip Suggestion: How Tip Suggestions Affect Tip Amount and Customer Satisfaction in a Restaurant Environment”

3:15pm — Caroline Ro,  “The Economic Outcomes of a Changing Agrarian Landscape”