Honors 2010


Friday, May 14, Hopkins 1964 Classroom

1:00pm — Peter Copelas, “The Relationship between Religious Diversity and Personal Income: A Study of State-Level Economic Outcomes in the United States

2:00pm — Yang Du, “Monetary Policy and Bank Loan Supply in China

3:00pm — Michael McGuire, “Finance and Growth: An Analysis of Causality for Non-Stationary Panels

Monday, May 17, Griffin 6

11:00am — Zoe Xie, “How Do the Impacts of Parental Divorce on Children’s Educational and Labor Market Outcomes Change Based on Parents’ Socioeconomic Backgrounds?

1:00pm — Olga Kondratjeva, “Quantitative Impact Assessment of Mozambique’s Cash Transfer Pilot Program

2:00pm — Hai Nguyen, “Coethnic Networking and Immigrant Self-Employment in the United States

3:00pm — Gean Spektor, “The Uneven Impact of Development: Women’s Autonomy in Inida

Tuesday, May 18, Griffin 6

9:00am — Christopher Warren, “Herd Behavior and Group Identity

10:00am — Elizabeth Kapnick, “Gender, Experience and the Diminishing Effects of Loss Aversion

11:00am — Elizabeth Hansen, “Taxes and Fringe Benefits Offered by Employers

1:00pm — Scott Sobolewski, “The Economic Impact of Non-Profit Organizations